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Promotion of generation of solar energy in Latin America

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With the purpose of encouraging the development and awareness of solar energy in the Latin American countries, the seminar “America of the Sun Program” was conducted, with the presence of the energy specialist Jacobo Toledo, from the General Directorate of Energy (DGE), and the regional sub coordinator for Central America of the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), Manuel de Jesus Manzanares.

The introduction of the topic was in charge of the project manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Unai Arrieta, with an “impact diagnosis and analysis of the America of the Sun Program” and the development of the replicable methodology for Guatemala, Honduras and Peru.

At the beginning of the current administration, the country’s energy matrix had a 70-30 ratio of thermal energy versus renewable energy; currently the 55.3 percent is generated by thermal plants and the remaining 44.7 percent comes from renewable resources.

It is intended by these programs to create an online tool that allows any consumer to make the calculations for the installation of a photovoltaic system connected to the network and this way, meet the energy demands of his/her building, home or business; another initiative of the program is to create the solar seal and the solar fund.

The program consists of several components, one with the approach of promoting the initiative of users, another with an outreach approach and the types of photovoltaic promotion.

As a result, it is intended to contribute to the improvement of conditions for the full development of photovoltaic solar energy in the Latin America and the Caribbean cities, as a first phase, and it is also intended to outreach the progress of the analysis of the project “America of the Sun” developed in Brazil and whose benefits can be replicated in Honduras.

The seminar was aimed toward the participation of the coordinating body for the energy policy, regulatory entity, authorities of the electricity sector, funders, entities of social development, academy, suppliers, and other institutions related to the distributed generation, rural electrification and development of renewable energy.

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