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NIKE will install a logistic center in Honduras

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After a Honduran delegation trip through Denmark last May, NIKE has decided to install its logistic center in San Pedro Sula, specifically in Calpules, where it already bought the land.

“We are very happy, because it is the beginning of a very important investment. It is about a logistic center that will concentrate all the products that will be sold eventually in the United States”, said Mario Canahuati, president of the AHM, who also states that this will complement the textile companies of synthetic products to encourage business in an activity with potential as is the industry of sporting goods.

The U.S. multinational has its logistic centers in Asia, Europe, and in Latin-American it will now be located in Honduras. “What everyone is talking about is that they will have a central park that will have at least 25,000 workers with investments that they (NIKE executives) will disclose in due time as well as when will they establish”, says Mr. Canahuati.

Jesus Canahuati, former AHM executive, qualifies these actions as big news for Honduras, since it is the outcome of all the efforts done by the private company and the Government contacting important brands. “We already have the first big example which is the NIKE company with an investment firmed called APOLLO, and have decided to install in Honduras to create more than 25,000 jobs within the next five years to produce all the clothing of this firm”, indicates the business man, who highlights that NIKE is a world leader in sporting clothing, selling $30,000 million a year and plans a growth of up to $50,000 million a year.

Honduras will be its strength to expand its production in Central America as well as the United States to be one of the most powerful hubs in the Americas, based in San Pedro Sula”, says Canahuati.

According to the businessmen’s projections, the maquiladora (factory) activity, including harnesses and textile, will increase exportations to up to an amount of $4,300 million and more than 145,000 direct jobs.

-Source: La Prensa

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