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Categoría : Intellectual Property

THE MEJIA INITIATIVE FOR THE PROMOTION AND PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (MI-IP3) (website)  a non-governmental non-profit organization for entrepreneurs, academics and the government sector, in the adequate protection of intellectual property and coherent application of intellectual property rights as engine of technological, industrial and commercial development of the nations, human development and quality of life of its citizens, has signed an INTERINSTITUTIONAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT FOR THE PROMOTION AND PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY with The CAMARA DE COMERCIO E INDUSTRIAS DE CORTES (CCIC) (website) founded in 1931 and one of the most important chambers of commerce and industry in Honduras. The Chamber is also an associated center of the Mercantile Registry of Honduras and a Center of Conciliation and Arbitration that is very important within the national context.


In accordance with this cooperation agreement, the MI-IP3 will work with the CCIC in the provision of advisory services, guidance, training and promotion among entrepreneurs, micro and small business in industrial and intellectual property issues and regulatory matters, including seminars, workshops, consultancy, services that are necessary for the adequate protection of these assets and to expand their knowledge, creating awareness among entrepreneurs, micro and small entrepreneurs of the possibilities that said assets represent for business development and social progress.

In particular, both entities will collaborate with a successful program for entrepreneurs organized by the CCIC called BAZAR DEL SABADO with a presence in 14 cities in Honduras and which brings together more than a thousand small and medium entrepreneurs. The MI-IP3 will emphasize, under the agreement, the importance of developing a strong system of protection of intellectual property rights as a basic element for a healthy system that stimulates competition and social welfare. The president of the CCIC indicated “I feel optimistic that with the signing of this agreement there is a step forward in the knowledge and protection of intellectual property rights in Honduras and it contributes with entrepreneurship for the proper use of Intellectual Property as a tool of business and social development “.


The MI-IP3, BUFETE MEJIA & ASOCIADOS (www.bufetemejia.com) and the specialized translation company AMIGO TRANSLATIONS (www.amigotranslation.com) are part of the “BMA Group”, the leading organization in Central America in the protection, application and defense of intellectual property, regulatory and competition law as well as publicity.