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An unrepeatable advantage for the economic development

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Latin American is currently going through different stages of demographic transition, which for some countries this represents an opportunity to achieve economic growth and sustainable human development.

According to Paraguayan consultant Robert Cano, by the year of 2045 seven of every ten Hondurans will be potentially productive. “The key to take advantage of this moment is to give the youth health, education, food and projection”, states the economist in an interview with LA PRENSA.

The aforementioned is embraced in the term demographic bonus, a biological phenomenon that takes place when the volume of the population in working age (between 14 and 59 years), exceeds the dependent population.

Cano is of the criterion that the Latin-American governments are not aware of the opportunity that they will have within the next 35 years. “There is an important debt in all countries and we must benefit from this advantage. Personally, this is a public demand that people must do so that the governments pay attention to the investments on the quality of education”, considers the specialist, when indicating that the population of young high-school graduates does not meet the 50%.

However, the proportion will start to revert by the year of 2100, causing that the 31% of the population will be of senior age or retired, 15% will be children and the remaining 54% will be of productive capacity.

“This happens in the entire world, but in different rates and times, depending a little from the culture of each population. We must understand that it is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity. We are living a historic moment”, Mr. Cano reiterates.



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